Discover Scuba Course
No experience necessary. Approximately 1 hour.

A fun introduction to the world of Scuba to see if you like it! Learn to Breathe Underwater! To participate you must be in good physical health and 10 years or older. We cover safety rules and the basic skills of Scuba diving in a shallow confined water setting while under the constant supervision of an instructor. After completing these basic water and safety skills, we encourage you to experience the feeling of movement in the underwater world.

> $50.00 per person. Additional fee for rental equipment.

Refresher Course
Approximately 1 hour.

This is for the certified diver who hasn’t been diving for a while and needs to brush up on the basic skills of Scuba.

> $35.00 per person. Additional fee for rental equipment.
Open Water Certification

Get into the Underwater Experience. Start here and get your Scuba Open Water Certification then dive anywhere in the world. This course teaches you principles of Scuba diving, basic Scuba skills, and gives you a chance to explore. Time is spent between classroom, theory, pool training sessions and four open water dives. You will learn to use Scuba gear and other standard equipment. 
Option 1: This is a complete full certification

> $425 per person - for classroom, pool sessions and the four open water dives. This includes manual and equipment rentals.

Option 2: Complete classroom and pool sessions only, do your four open water dives elsewhere (arranged by you) in a different location i.e. whilst on vacation or at your leisure.

> $250 per person - includes manual and equipment rentals. 

Advanced Open Water
Prerequisite: Open Water Certification
+ minimum 5 dives. Approximately 16 hours.

This course allows you to try many of the PADI speciality activities such as deep diving, night diving, wreck diving and many more. It consists of 5 Adventure dives; two mandatory dives which are Deep Diving and Underwater Navigation and the remaining 3 dives you can choose from the list of PADI specialties offered by your instructor.  
> $270 per person - includes manuals only.
Additional cost if rental gear is required.

Rescue Diver
Pre requisite of aFirst Aid & CPR/ Advanced
Open Water certification. Approximately 20 hours.

This course challenges and teaches the diver to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. You will learn how to assess and recognize emergency dive situations under and above the water, self-rescue, rescue of other divers. Although demanding, this is an extremely rewarding class and many divers consider this the best course they have ever taken.

> $280 per person - includes manuals only. Additional fee for rental equipment.

Dry Suit Orientation
Minimum requirement: Open Water certification and 5 minimum logged dives. Approximately 1.5 hour.

Want to dive warm and dry? Then dry suit diving is for you. This course teaches you the basic techniques required to dive with a dry suit. This orientation is strongly recommended if you are interested in the Habbakuk Dive.

> $50 per person - includes dry suit use. Additional fee for rental equipment.
Guided Habbakuk Tour
Minimum Requirement: Open Water Certification and 15 logged dives.

Experience history as you view the skeletal remains of a top secret World War II mission, code named Project Habbakuk. Your knowledgeable guide will take you on a journey, telling the story of the project itself and diving to its final resting place. 

> $75.00 per person. Additional fee for rental equipment.

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